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Providing the highest quality line of conveyorized car wash equipment and self-serve equipment, with the lowest maintenance and operating costs.

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Welcome to Car Wash Experts!

Welcome to Carwash Experts! With over 100 years of combined car washing experience we are your one-stop-shop for all your car wash needs. Whether youre new to the car wash industry looking to build from the ground up, or a seasoned veteran looking at replacing existing equipment lets us help put that EXPERTise to work for you.

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We’ve been making the industry's best car wash equipment for tunnel car wash owners, automotive dealers, fleet and rental operators for close to 30 years now.

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Washworld manufactures High Velocity®, Razor®, and Radiantz® Automatic Car Wash Systems which feature cutting edge technology: VS2®, Virtual Attendant®, Washview Remote™ and Washview Mobile™.


Istobal- automatic washes

Istobals answer to the difficult challenge of automatically washing todays over the road trucks, buss, school buss, waste hauling trucks and even heavy equipment.

Istobal Truck Washes

Truck Washes

Istobals answer to the difficult challenge of automatically washing todays over the road trucks, buss, school buss, waste hauling trucks and even heavy equipment.

Truck And Train Wash

Since 1974, Westmatic has manufactured, installed and serviced large vehicle wash equipment in over 2000 vehicle wash bays worldwide. Westmatic is your specialist for Bus Washes, Truck Washes and Train Washes. Westmatic also specializes in Water Treatment, and Water Purification.

Modular Carwash Building Systems

Modular Carwash Building Systems

Genesis Modular Carwash Building Systems is your one stop solution for your carwash building needs. The Genesis System is a complete carwash system designed exclusively for the in-bay automatic carwash model.

Modular Carwash Building Systems

The MODERNWASH was created by an industry design team to meet the many needs of the modern car-wash industry. Technological growth has resulted in many changes in car-wash equipment. Your equipment is modern your building should be too.

Modular Carwash Building Systems

Istobals modular glass enclosures are the industries fastest most cost efficient way to house your car washing equipment and business. Built of aluminum, galavanized steel columns, polycarbonate and dual pane glass, the Istobal enclosures are as attractive as they are practical.



Founded in 1976, Cleaning Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO14001-2004 registered manufacturer of premier cleaning and protection products for the transportation industry. CSIs Lustra™ Professional Car Care Products are environmentally friendly and designed to deliver a superior carwash experience.



BayWatch Is The Smart System for reliable, automated car wash bay operation. Cut downtime hassles and decrease maintenance, while reducing the amount of equipment installed in each bay. BayWatch is the simpler, more direct system, designed from the ground up for dependable performance.


Airlift Doors, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial door business for over 25 years. We have been manufacturing air powered openers since 1979 and polycarbonate doors since 1991.



J.E. Adams Industries continues to provide dependable, long lasting, revenue generating equipment to the self serve car wash industry, and has for over 35 years. With well over 100,000 installations serving customers, what would stop you from putting us to the test? We manufacture the industrys broadest and most diversified line-up of self serve car wash products. Whether youre looking for vacuums, combination units, air machines, detail stations or islands & canopies we have all you need to add revenue to your self serve car wash business.

Pay Stations

Pay Stations/POS Systems:

ith its innovative design, versatile marketing opportunities, expanded remote reporting capabilities and the most complete menu of payment options available in the industry, Unitec’s Portal TI offers revolutionary technology at the point of entry for rollover, tunnel and combo car wash systems.

DRB System Inc

DRB System Inc.

DRB Systems Inc. provides automated management systems, POS terminals, hand-held portable touchscreen terminals, self-pay stations and loyalty promotion tools.

Pay Stations

Take back control of your carwash. As a car wash operator, you shouldnt have to settle for a mere cash register or spend tens of thousands of dollars for an adequate POS system. The Profit Pilot is a full featured Point of Sale system designed specifically for the car wash industry at a truly affordable price.

Magic Wand by Istobal USA

Magic Wand by Istobal USA

Istobal USA is proud to introduce the newest, most versatile product in the world of self-serve equipment: Magic Wand Plug N Play by Istobal USA

Carolina Pride

Carolina Pride

Carolina Pride Carwash, Inc. has been working hard to improve the car wash industry for more than 40 years. Our car wash equipment is customized for every car wash business owners needs no matter how big or small.


Ideal Shield

Ideal Shield manufactures the strongest guardrail on the market, the original bumper post sleeve and handrail. We also provide facility maintenance solutions such as sign bases, column wraps and cart corrals. All Ideal Shield solutions are designed to improve safety, protect costly machinery and enhance overall appearances.

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Representing Manufacturers

  • Sonnys

    We’ve been making the industry's best car wash equipment for tunnel car wash owners, automotive dealers, fleet and rental operators for close to 30 years now.

  • Istobal

    The Istobal line of truck and bus washing equipment is state of the art, offering unrivaled levels of technology to safely and automatically clean trucks and buses of all sizes, shapes and description!

  • Lustra

    Lustra car care products provide exceptional cleaning performance, while giving the car wash user the ultimate car wash sensory experience with rich scents and vivid colors.

  • WashWorld

    Washworld manufactures High Velocity®, Razor®, and Radiantz® Automatic Car Wash Systems which feature cutting edge technology: VS2®, Virtual Attendant®, Washview Remote™ and Washview Mobile™.

  • LeeSoap

    All of our product lines are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment and to be eco-green and clean without sacrificing performance


Car Wash Experts, Inc installed a new Istobal M22 car wash at our site in Platteville, CO, (I-25 and Hwy 34). The installation was professional, timely and expertly done. The company continues to provide prompt service and are “always there” for us. The equipment has operated continually since the installation and we want to send a big “Thank you” to Car Wash Experts, Inc for their continued support and expertise.

- Petroleum Management/Thompson Ranch Convenience

“When we needed to replace two of our PDQ machines that were wearing out, we knew that we wanted a system that had stainless steel frames and rails. We realized that it would cost a little more but machines with powder coated parts just didn’t hold up. Washworld had what we were looking for in their High Velocity. The added benefit with the High Velocity is that we were able to convert our old wash systems without having to change out all of our other equipment. High Velocity gave us a smooth, efficient wash and we were able to add functions like Tri Foam and double passes on both the back and front.

Our PDQ machines were having a lot of failures but our new Washworld machines are so dependable that one of our employees remarked that it was nice to be able to come to work and not have to worry about what was going to break that day. Working with our distributor, Car Wash Experts, was a very pleasant experience too. Anthony Vetromila, our representative from Car Wash Experts, was up front with everything and made the adjustments and changes necessary to keep the project running smoothly. The technicians he sent were top notch. We had a little trouble interfacing some of the old equipment with the new High Velocity but the technicians did a great job. They made sure that everything was running smoothly so that our own technicians can troubleshoot things very quickly. We’ve had a lot of positive comments from our customers and we expect that our new Washworld machines will do a great job for a lot of years.”

-- George Tucker Dooley Oil, Casper, Wyoming

“I had originally been considering a different machine, however my distributor, Anthony Vetromila of Car Wash Experts, suggested I check out the Washworld Razor. I did research on-line and found that the Razor’s features were superior to the other machine. I liked that it had a direct computer in its control cabinet and I didn’t need additional, external computers to operate. Factory support was also a big thing. Since I am quite far from my distributor, I have my own technician and we have found the Razor is easy to maintain. However, we can always contact Washworld’s technical support or our distributor if we ever have any questions. The Razor is being well received by my customers. I was hoping to average 10 to 12 cars per day but I’ve already exceeded that with a daily average of 21 cars. Because my wash is located in a small community, repeat business is important and my customers have told me that Razor is doing a great job. There were three major things I needed in a wash for me to be successful: it had to have an open floor (no treadle) with on-board dryer; had to do a good job cleaning off the summer bugs; and clean dualie pick-ups.

-- Arlan Scholl, Scholl Service Center, Holyoke, Colorado

“Pester Marketing dba as Alta Convenience has been associated with Car Wash Experts for the past 4yrs. We not only are supplied soaps and waxes but also have a partnership involving one of our carwashes.

We have found Carwash Experts and their owner John Brinkman to be true experts in the carwash field. They are very professional in their approach and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table through their well trained, safety conscious and courteous technicians. Their response to repair and maintenance as well as technical issues is second to none and always ends in a timely solution.

As the president of Pester Marketing I consider them to be true vendor partners in our carwash business and an asset to our overall carwash presentation."

-- Rich Spresser