Equipment and Chemicals

Below are the details for the equipment and products we offer.

Washworld Vehicle Wash Systems

Washworld manufactures High Velocity®, Razor®, and Radiantz® Automatic Car Wash Systems which feature cutting edge technology: VS2®, Virtual Attendant®, Washview Remote™ and Washview Mobile™. Stainless steel construction means dependable, simplified operation. Car wash industry-leading customer care includes no-cost training and 24/7 tech support, helping car wash owners worldwide grow successful car wash businesses. Washworld offers vehicle wash systems through an extensive Global Network of Car Wash System Distributors.

Istobal Truck and Bus Wash

Istobal Express on Rails


The best car wash equipment money can buy. Now for less.

We’ve been making the industry's best car wash equipment for tunnel car wash owners, automotive dealers, fleet and rental operators for close to 30 years now. And we know – because you’ve told us – that when it comes to quality, reliability and throughput potential, MacNeil equipment wins, hands down. But in these challenging economic times, we also know that when reliability meets affordability that's even more of a winning combination.